Email Notifications
Automatically send shipment status messages to customers
  • ArcAlert™ Module transmits shipment status notification messages seamlessly from Dispatch Staff to Customers.

    ArcFreight™ and ArcFleet™ Software systems now have the ability to automatically send notification to their customers via email, of any shipment status changes. Once the status is changed in the Arcline (2000) Software, this new and comprehensive customer service tool will immediately transmit an email notification to the customer. The subject line of the e-mail message will be populated with the unique Order Number. ArcAlert™ can be customized to send instant notifications for any shipment status entered into the Arcline system; and for multiple status queries.

    Order this time saving module and immediately see an increase in customer service levels through the automation of shipment status notifications. This reduction in customer phone calls will result in an improved operating efficiency by allowing dispatchers to spend more time on sales and increasing shipping volumes. We pride ourselves at Arcline (2000) as being partners for the future with our clients. The ArcAlert™ module is another customer idea put into production from our wish book of client ideas. At Arcline (2000) we listen to how our customers would like to see our software grow and practice a customer driven development approach.

    Please note: ArcAlert™ cannot support Email Server Authentication using SSL