LTL Dispatch Software Module
For LTL Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers

The ArcTrips™ LTL (less-than-truckload) module is capable of providing trucking companies and freight brokerages with the ability to load multiple customer orders on one truck, all while simplifying paper work and seamlessly recording all financial data associated with the trip. The ArcTrips™ Module for the ArcFleet™ and ArcFreight™ Transportation Software Systems allows dispatchers to easily add and remove orders from the trip with the click of a mouse.

Trip Wizard
  • The ArcTrips™ Trip Wizard makes it easy to build an LTL trip. Simply select the truck, driver, and trailer from the drop-down menu to open a new trip, then add each pick and drop easily by double-clicking.
Visual Dispatching
  • The visual dispatching feature within ArcTrips™ allows the dispatcher the ability to see at a moment's glance how much of the overall capacity, whether in weight or footage, has been filled on each trailer. Visual dispatching is just one of many time-saving features within the Arcline Software Systems.
Simplify Paperwork
  • ArcTrips™ provides Trip Manifests (trucking) and Carrier Confirmations (brokerage) for each trip that includes all picks and drops required for the trip. For each stop, the trip manifest and carrier confirmation includes:

    • Shipper/consignee name and address
    • Shipper/consignee hours of operation
    • Date and time of pick-up/drop-off
    • Load information (# of pieces, weight, description, footage)
Simplify Accounting
  • The Arcline 2000 accounting integration will save your trucking or freight brokerage company time and money by seamlessly posting revenue, driver pay, carrier rate, accessorial charges, trip expenses, and deductions over to your accounting program. Our interfaces currently include QuickBooks ®, Sage 50 (CA) ®, Sage 50 (US) ®, and Sage 300 ®. The expense sheet feature also provides the ability to compare revenue against expenses and deductions for each trip.