Comdata Fuel Card Interface

Import and track fuel expenses, per diems, repairs, cash advances and more

Comdata Payment Innovations now allows a fleet to track their drivers’ operating expenses as it pertains to the business, with reports that track fuel spending. This is facilitated by having the drivers enter their trip numbers at the point of purchase for fuel fill ups.

The data that is imported originates from the trip numbers created in the ArcFleet Trucking Dispatch software, while the drivers are making a purchase using the Comdata fuel card. This allows all transactions to be imported into the expense portion of the associated trip, and then populated into the fuel purchase section in the dispatching software, as well as providing the options in the driver reimbursement/ deductions and company expense section.

While this program option makes fuel spending and tracking easy, the integration goes even further than just tracking fuel costs associated with each individual trip. It also allows for imports that track cash advances, repairs, travel expenses and per diems. Now interested parties can add this convenient program to their ArcFleet™ Software System integration for as low as $70.00 a month.