EDI Integration

Electronic Data Interchange allows Shippers and Carriers to communicate quickly, effectively and securely. It provides the means to exchange freight distribution and financial information electronically. Shippers and Carriers are both electronically linked to a mutual party's computer via computer, modem and phone line or Internet cable connection. This mutual party is called a VAN or Value Added Network.

The Arcline EDI Integration adds the additional menus to your Arcline transportation software, required to retrieve information from your database and prepare it for transmission. It takes raw electronic files and encapsulates them into the appropriate ISA and GS segments to be sent to a Trading Partner.

  • Improve communication and extend your services to customers worldwide
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Speed up and improve logistical coordination
  • Electronically send invoice for fast and easy payment
  • Reduce your accounts receivable time
Form Design
  • EDI forms design is available from Arcline (2000) Inc. We tailor the information to be transmitted specifically to meet the requirements of your customer. Arcline EDI Forms Design is available for:

Motor Carrier Load tenders 204
TL Carrier Shipment Status Messages 214
Freight Invoices 210
Organizational Documents 816
Text Documents 864
Response to a Load Tender 990
Functional Acknowledgements 997
Others available upon request
  • A Value Added Network (VAN) Partner to manage the flow of information between you and your client
  • A means of communicating with the VAN (Internet/FTP, E-mail, Telephone Line and Modem)
  • Translation software and transaction mapping guidelines as required