Fax & Emailing Integration

Sending a fax or e-mail message is now as easy as printing a document. There is no longer a need to walk over to the fax machine. Send and receive faxed documents right to your computer; saving time, clearer transmissions and reducing the amount of unnecessary paperwork.

With just a click of the mouse, any document from our program (as well as any other program on your desktop) can be sent by fax or e-mail automatically. There is even the ability to send several faxes and e-mails simultaneously. Sending a fax job in Microsoft® Word is as simple as choosing the print options and then selecting the faxing/e-mailing software. Please contact us today for availability and pricing.

This software can be sold separately, and is compatible with virtually any networked application or stand-alone machine with a modem.

Please contact us to arrange for an online demonstration!