Mobile Driver App

Trucking Dispatch Mobile App for Drivers

The Arcline Driver App - The driver dispatch communication center between the ArcFleet™ Software System and drivers.

  • Driver login function for drivers to view assigned trips
  • Real-time updates to load data, keeping drivers in the loop
  • Check-In & Check-Out of Pick & Drop Locations
  • Pick and drop locations link to online mapping functions for accurate directions and navigation
  • Capture Image feature for drivers to send back PODs, damage photos, or any other images directly into the ArcFleet™ software. Images will be automatically attached to their associated orders
  • ArcFleet™ load status will be automatically updated along with ArcTrac Mobile & Web Customer Tracking
  • Dispatchers will receive an ArcMail message with updates that have been received from drivers
Driver Functionality
  • The driver portion of the mobile application will provide dispatchers with the ability to send trip details from the ArcFleet™ Software directly to the Mobile Driver App. The driver will be provided with a login and password. Displayed information includes detailed pick-up and delivery information, load items, any notes associated with the order being viewed and a link to online mapping functions. Arrived and departed buttons allow the driver to confirm pick-up and delivery times sending data automatically to the ArcFleet™ software. The Capture image button will allow the driver to take a photo of the POD, damage or any other relevant image. This image will be automatically sent to ArcFleet™ and associated to the order in the system.

Equipment Management
  • The dispatcher will create the trips in the ArcFleet™ software. Upon assigning the driver to a trip, detailed trip information will be sent to the driver mobile app and available to the assigned driver. When the driver has clicked on the Arrived and Departed Buttons; the mobile app will send data automatically to the ArcFleet™ software. Once loaded and unloaded, the order status will be automatically updated in ArcFleet™. Upon information being returned to ArcFleet™, an ArcMail message will be created to inform the dispatcher of recent load updates.

Dispatch Features
  • The customers will be able to view real time updates on both the ArcTrac Mobile and Website Customer Tracking Modules.