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Why Choose Arcline (2000) Inc?
Why Choose Arcline (2000) Inc?


Arcline 2000 Program Features
Arcline 2000 Program Features


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Available ArcModules


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Arcline (2000) Inc. Announces Partnership with MessageXpress

Innisfil, ON Canada: December 2, 2013 - Arcline (2000) Inc., leading transportation software provider, announces partnership with MessageXpress to offer enhanced EDI capabilities.

Now available for purchase, Arcline EDI will make the transition to Electronic Data Interchange simple and hassle-free. This module provides the means to exchange freight distribution and financial information securely and electronically with an extensive number of trading partners.

"Partnering with MessageXpress was a natural choice to enhance our EDI offerings; a company that shares similar corporate values with a high level of customer service and personalized interaction with clients," says Michelle Dirracolo, President of Arcline (2000) Inc. "With a large volume of trading partners in place, the partnership with MessageXpress allows us to offer Arcline customers a fuill suite of EDI functionality with a rapid turnaround time. If an Arcline Software User is requested to implement EDI by one of their customers, with MessageXpress in place, exchanging documents with a new trading partner is a quick and easy process, and can typically be handled in a couple weeks' time."

Arcline EDI is designed with ease of use in mind. From directly within the software, users can receive load tenders (204), automatically creating a load in Arcline upon acceptance and sending the response file (990). Status updates (214) can be transmitted to trading partners throughout the shipment process, triggered automatically by status changes in the Arcline system. The Freight Invoice (210)is sent to finish off the shipment process. Any EDI requirement can be handled and once the system is in place, new maps for additional trading partners can be added any time.

For additional information on Arcline (2000) Inc. and related transportation software product offerings, please visit ArcFreight™ and ArcFleet™ products are both available for shipping.

About Arcline (2000) Inc.

Arcline (2000) Inc. is a privately held software development company that produces Transportation Management Software products for Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers. Through strategic partnerships and constant research of current and future trends, Arcline (2000) Inc. is committed to providing customers with the technological tools required to prosper in today's competitive marketplace.

About MessageXpress

MessageXpress was established in 1993 as a provider of electronic commerce solutions to fleet operators in transportation and allied businesses. Through the years, we have expanded our business focus to include retail, manufacturing, and warehousing operations as well as maintained expert knowledge of the transportation industry. As a result we have developed e-commerce relationships with many Fortune 500 companies. MessageXpress' state of the art infrastructure is the key to the exceptional reliability of our data transmission network. Access to our network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MessageXpress' professional staff ensures that each and every customer receives the personalized care and support they require and deserve. Our staff will personally assist you with the setup of the software package and then provide personalized one-on-one training in the proper use of the EDI platform as it pertains to your business.

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