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Why Choose Arcline (2000) Inc?
Why Choose Arcline (2000) Inc?


Arcline 2000 Program Features
Arcline 2000 Program Features


Available ArcModules
Available ArcModules


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Operating System is your software capable of running on?

A: You can run Arcline (2000) Software products on Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Q: Are the Arcline (2000) Software products network capable?

A: Yes. If using a 2-User license you can install software and use peer-to-peer. When you are ready to grow and add additional user licenses, we strongly recommend you install the software on a dedicated server with the individual workstations networked.

Q: Is the software capable of supporting multiple locations?

A: Yes. You will require a terminal server for multiple locations.

Q: How many people can use the software at one time?

A: We are able to provide Software Systems for up to 50 user licenses. We sell our software per user license; meaning, how many people are going to log into the Software simultaneously. We have also designed our Software to grow with our clients' businesses. When you are ready to hire a new team member, contact us at your earliest convenience and we will arange to have a user license added immediately.

Q: What forms are included in the Software?

A: With our innovative Dispatch Management Software System, you will have the ability to create Work/Load Orders, Dispatch Orders, Carrier Confirmations and Invoices. All forms are automatically generated once the Work/Load Order is entered.

Q: Do I have to enter in all of my customers into the software?

A: No. If you are currently using QuickBooks® as your accounting software provider, or a spreadsheet for your dispatching, we can import yout data into the Arcline (2000) Software System.

Q: Can I bill my customers and pay my drivers in different currencies?

A: Yes. Arcline (2000) software systems have the ability to exclusively use one currency setting or you can invoice or make cheques payable in many different currencies.

Q: Does your software track vehicle maintenance?

A: Yes. The user can set timed reminders to display when a vehicle is coming due for oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, and many more services.

Q: Do the Arcline (2000) Software Systems have the ability to calculate and track commissions?

A: Yes, once you have assigned an agent to a customer, you can track the commissions paid by margin, percentage or flat rate.

Q: Can I email a document directly from the software?

A: Yes. Both products have an internal email in the program that allow you to email documents to, and receive documents from your Arcline (2000) user group. We also have a Fax & Emailing Software available as an add on feature which will enable you to send fax and email directly from the Arcline (2000) Software Systems.

Q: Do Arcline (2000) Software Systems have the ability to manage my A/R, A/P and Payroll?

A: At Arcline (2000) Inc., we beleive in leaving the accounting to the experts; accounting is not included in our solutions. We inteface with most common Accounting Software Systems such as: QuickBooks® , Peachtree®, NewViews®, Fortune 1000 Acomba®, and Simply Accounting®. If you are currently using an accounting software solution that is not listed, we will be more that happy to evaluate the product to see if an inteface is possible.

Q: I would like to have my own company information on all the forms, is that possible in your software?

A: Yes. We customize each software system sold to look like your company image. All documents will have your logo and contact information in place of the Arcline (2000) logo, which you will see on the demonstration CD.

Q: Can I generate reports from your software?

A: Yes. Our software includes over 150 reports that are then grouped by Activity, Financial, Sales, and Account Reports. The reports can be produced daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly to provide you with more financial control and help make informed business decisions.

Q: Are you willing to customize your software if I would like changes made?

A: Yes. At Arcline (2000) Inc., we understand the individual needs of each company and their operations. We have implemented a 'Wish Book' that we record clients' suggestions and may include in a future update provided to the client at a later date. Should your customization be of higher importance, and you wish to have the changes made as soon as possible, we will then evaluate and schedule the project. This option will result in a minimal customization fee.

Q: What programming language is your software written in?

A: We have written our software in Visual Fox Pro.

Q: Is Fox Pro an out dated program?

A: No. Visual Fox Pro is supported by Microsoft Corporation and has recently released the latest version 9.0. Also, Microsoft has extended support through December 2014 via the developer tools lifecycle support plan.

Visual Fox Pro is one of the only development software that includes its own language, database and report generation tools. This allows our programmers to develop and deploy our solutions without having to charge additional fees to the end user for purchasing an alternative database and report generator.

Some organizations using Visual Fox Pro:
  • US Navy
  • US Department of Energy
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Canada's National Research Council
  • AT&T

Q: Do you provide help with installation, set up, training and updates for your software solutions?

A: We provide help with installation, set up, training and updates by remote connection, preferably by GoTOMyPC™, a division of Citrix Systems Inc. Citrix Systems Inc. is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. If you are a Windows XP user we can also use Remote Assistance as well.

Q: If requested, would you come onsite for training?

A: We do recommend an onsite installation, set up and training should you purchase/lease more than 15-User licenses. We do charge a fee for onsite services, and would provide you with a quote to allow you to better evaluate this option.

Q: What is the implementation procedure?

A: First, Arcline (2000) Inc. receives signed Lease/Sales Agreement and down payment. Second, one of our Customer Service Representatives will arange an appointment for assistance with the initial installation and set-up of the software. Third, appointments will be scheduled for training And Finally, you will have the availability of having one of Arcline (2000)'s highly skilled representatives just a phone call or email away, should you require any assistance after your "go live" date.

Q: How much does the software cost?

A: Our software is sold per user license, or how many people will be logged into the software simultaneously. We do not sell user licenses as a bundled package, and we do not charge per truck/trailer added into the system. Please feel free to contact us to further discuss pricing at 1-800-364-4905 or

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